Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful day!!  I went on a Christmas shopping date with my husband (dates with him of any kind are always fun!)  Nyla had a fun playdate; we had an awesome dinner of clams casino, baked fish, and asparagus.  It looked so Christmassy with all the tiny chopped red, green peppers and shallots.  Both the clams and fish were caught and cooked by Andy and boy were they tasty!  Our house filled with laughter and giggles.  It was just a fun day.
Today shows the remnants of yesterdays play both children and adults :)  As we gathered around the kitchen counter, Nyla noticed a receipt peeping out of my purse and asked with a giggle, “Why does this say ToysRus?”  I am soo busted!  :)

Hey everyone, have an excellent day!  Heres to you, GREAT, BEAUTIFUL YOU! 

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