Monday, December 19, 2011


So, my daughter, Nyla had this amazing idea.  “Mommy, let’s make cookies and sell them to the neighborhood for free”.  I flashed back to this summer’s lemonade stand, which was quite successful and fun.  So I said, yes, to this kind and yummy idea.
I did however underestimate the time it takes to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies with Nyla and her two friends, Stella and Leo.  After all the tasting of batter, chocolate chips, sprinkles, icing and candy and baking we were ready to go “sell” our free cookies.  The cookie stand was not in my mind a perfect pretty marketing package and I do like perfect pretty packages.  But, I thought we gotta get out there it’s the thought that counts and if I wait any longer it’s gonna be dark and we’ll never do this!
The napkins kept blowing off the table and down the sidewalk.  The sun was shining but it was cold and windy and the cars were not coming.  It was like a wintery ghost town.  The kids were so excited and weren’t easily deflated.  Thank goodness!  Finally!  Our first give-away was to a boy on a bike.  He was very thankful and very cold.  (I was thinking to myself that he would have really appreciated some hot cider or hot chocolate, I wanted to have that but just didn’t get done.)

Excitement filled the air.  Those kids, my Nyla and my 2 extra babies for the day were beaming and screaming at the top of their little lungs, “Free Cookies for sale, not even a penny you can have 4!”  It was so cute, I was frozen.  The kids did notice the avoided looks from the people who drove by.  I noticed the people trying to figure out what the sign said without looking at the kids.  Some people didn’t even notice us at all, which shows how oblivious we really can be as were driving!  We had a couple of walkers that refused to take a cookie.  I was kinda blown away by someone not taking a free, yummy super sprinkly cookie from cute kids.  I guess they took that old saying, don’t take food from a stranger to heart!
Well the day ended with three cars stopping, two women, and one man.  They were a little shocked and surprised that the cookies were free and no donations needed – just for them to have a Merry Christmas.  We also had three boy bike riders who were very happy to have a surprise cookie.

The kids kept saying let us stay for one more car!  Finally, I had to take them in.  I was frozen and I had lots of other things to do, mainly Christmas shopping.  We did not get one more car and the kids said I broke my promise because we didn't get that last car. 

I'm not sure what the kids got out of this day...
So what did I get out of this Free Cookie For Sale moment?
  • My heart beams with pride for these kids!
  • I will always try to help make Nyla’s ideas or any kid’s idea happen.
  • Kindness and free does shock people… hmmm I think we need to do more of it!
  • I broke a promise but avoided frostbite.
  • How long would it have been for that one more car to stop?
  • I will always, always stop or turn around to read a sign when I see jumping, screaming kids and a crazy lady holding a paper sign written in crayon on a cold, windy day or any day for that matter.

Nyla, Stella, & Leo, I am so Proud of YOU!!

Here is the only picture, we were too busy having fun and selling free cookies for me to take more. 
 Special thanks to the Daddy’s – Andy and Chris who helped with the cookie making!

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