Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nyla's Ears Pierced, Mommy's view! part 2

This was a huge moment in our house.  I had always told Nyla that she could get her ears pierced when she was in 3rd grade.  I don't know why 3rd grade, I guess that's when I got mine pierced.  Every so often, Nyla would ask me and I would say, a flat No. 

Until... she wore me down.  At first it was a little begging then crying then she got determined. Nyla wrote in paragraph, list and bubble form, typed and written.   WOW, plus every girl in her class has her ears pierced and even a boy!  

During this day of her determination and mine, I did some thinking myself.  Why was I so headstrong on her not getting her ears pierced?  Especially, with all her well thought out arguments. Each time she would come back, with the spelling errors corrected and a better reason.  I eventually started texting my friends to find out their point of view. 

Then I realized, after a long day of stubbornness, it's not about me and that was what hurt.  It's about going with your friends to have that special moment in your life.  I went with my friend when I had mine done.  So, after I realized that, I was sad because it wasn't about a me and her moment.  

My baby's growing up!  I'm really excited about that but it just kinda hits hard sometimes.  Realizing it was a kagillion years ago that I was her age...and that made me sad and feel old.  Oh my gosh, we didn't say OMG back then, Lord, we had phones attached to walls and Tab was the hot soda of the time!  I guess realizing that I wasn't the coolest in her eyes, (well I'm still cool, I think but her friends are way cooler) was a wake up call, the first of many to come on this road of Motherhood.

About this time, Andy walked in from work.  I know he wished he could turn right around and walk right back out; but he didn't and he didn't get why we were so upset.  But, like any good Dad and Husband, he loves us just the same. (and he'll have his baby girl is growing up realization some day).

We did not get her ears pierced that day but waited a week.  One of Nyla's bff's, Stella did get hers pierced and she gave her the low down.  Good thing, cause Nyla thought there would be huge robot arms coming at her with guns zooming at her ears.

The time came and we were super excited to have Stella and her Mom go with us;  it was an awesome day and they played a huge part of it.  I saw Stella & Nyla hold hands, and they giggled and had silly fun, touching everything and zooming around or lallygagging in the mall.

I just loved this day!  (This day that I fought so hard not to happen, crazy huh?!)

Nyla and Stella are in the 2nd grade and they are gonna rule the world, we are sooo lucky, they are 2 smart, rockin' girls!
I just had to show this pic again, since their doing their Charlie's Angels pose!

Nyla, I just love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow!  


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