Monday, April 8, 2013

Nyla got her ears pierce! (part 1)

Hi guys! It's Nyla and I want to tell you some thing.  I gust got my ears pierced on Saturday!My friend Stella came with me. We went to the mall. 

I had to go to a store in the mall. A little  scared is how I was feeling! But then I noticed that it wasn't all that scary.The people were rely nice and there were 2 people so they got pierce both my ears at once.

After that Stella and I went out to lunch.  I got mac and cheese it was yummy!Next we got ice cream from Ritas. Stella and I got the same thing a twist with sprinkles. 

Thanks Nyla for this awesome post!  I'm gonna do a part 2 about getting your ears pierced tomorrow.  I love you and am super proud of you!! Mommy


  1. Hi Michelle!!! Visiting you from the UBC 2013. My daughter has been asking to get her ears pierced too ( I have delayed it by getting magnetic earrings though - LOL )

    Stop by, say hi and stay awhile:

    xo Kristle

    1. I didn't know about magnetic earrings! Nyla used purple blinging stickers on her ears until she could get them pierced :)

  2. Hi Nyla, it's Makenzie. I really like your earrings. What did it feel like?


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