Saturday, December 29, 2012

A fisherman's wife, a tale of a day

I woke up startled when I saw the time (6:30) and ran to the light in the kitchen, I missed him.  But, atleast he wasn't late, he never is.  I call to see if I can catch him, I don't.  I must have drifted off to sleep because Andy calls, I can tell by his voice all the agitations flowing in his mind are paying a toll.  

He didn't want to go fishing, the weather is suppose to be 35 F & blowing 15-20 possible snow, rain.  It's a day trip, he left at 5:30 am and should be home by 9ish tonight.  He didn't want to go work on the boat yesterday in the cold or the day before in the cold and rain or even the day before Christmas Eve.  But he did - for free.  That's what a fisherman does. Getting the boat ready for a trip is a given, you show up, work as long as it takes with or without lunch then the payoff is a trip.

I have to go back and tell you, he hasn't gone fishing since Hurricane Sandy hmm... 8+ weeks ago.  We've had a blast during that time, soaked up every bit of family life we could but time off has weighed in - Andy's grown worried, plump (me too) from livin' the good life, frustrated, our bank account dwindling, fulfilled and ready to go back to work all at the same time. 

The call finally came and we're glad...just why today as I always say.

xxxxoooo Michelle

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