Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finding Home...

A while back we went to the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College.  It was the first time for us, and boy what a compelling jewel of a museum! 

The Noyes Museum is a wealth of creativity and inspiration in a natural setting that soothes the soul.  I'm in love with all their current exhibits but the one I'm going to boast about is 
"Finding Home".

It is an exhibit by artist, Seth Camm.  He touches a subject that is an ugly, pushed to the side kind of one, "Homelessness".

His paintings eloquently captures the beauty of his subjects.  Not only can you see the paintings but this exhibit takes it a step forward by providing an audio of their stories which you can hear at this link Finding Home Exhibit
(Be sure to listen to JoAnne's story, her beautiful song will no doubt bring a tear to your eye.)   

I feel the "Finding Home" exhibit touches a tender spot in the fabric of our country that seems to be growing by natural disaster and personal circumstances. This exhibit takes it beyond seeing the paintings, the provided audio of several stories as well as sharp, crisp  photographs of the many homeless people of Atlantic City, NJ hits home and does what I think art should do - makes you feel and think.

I started writing this post awhile back, throughout my days, this exhibit has lingered in my mind.  As I sat tonight eating my homemade chicken soup, I felt humbled, grateful and a bunch of other emotions but mostly wishes filled my heart that people of our  world will all one day feel the warmth & love of a safe home and community; the comfort and nourishment of delicious food prepared with love; and the beauty of our world rather than the distraught, struggle and ugly.

Thank you Seth Camm, Noyes Museum of Art and all the people of the "Finding Home" exhibit, I'm so glad I got to hear your story.  You have made a difference to me! 

Click on the links for more information about the heartfelt artist, Seth Camm and more about the Noyes Museum of Art Stockton College.

Some days are difficult but today, I'm choosing to find the beauty in the day.  xxxxxoooo Michelle

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  1. Beautiful and touching, thank you for sharing, Michelle! Hugs XXXX


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