Friday, January 23, 2015


Grab some napkins and get ready to munch, these "chicken wings" are yummy and easy!!! Just in time for football! 
These "wings" are almost as sloppy as traditional ones but a little different (like no wing :)  Here's two styles to try & just 2 steps:
Superbowl food, chicken wings, celery, party food, from MommysPinkieLipgloss.blogspot.comI
Buffalo chicken breast from the deli
Pretzel rods
Celery sticks
Blue Cheese dressing
pretzels, celery appetizers, superbowl food, football food from
How to/Celery Style 
(these have that nice crunch!)
Fill your celery with blue cheese, I like to use as much of the blue cheese chunks as I can get
Roll your sliced buffalo chicken around the celery stick 

How to/Pretzel Rod Style
(these are perfect when your wanting some carbs:)
Dip your pretzel rod right into the blue cheese bottle (yep, I keep blue cheese dressing just for this :)
Roll your sliced buffalo chicken around the pretzel rod

Chicken wings, Superbowl appetizers from

BAM!!! Your munchin and tailgating! 

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