Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WINTER TIME FUN... regardless of what climate your in!

Hey Everyone!
Since it's the change of seasons and I'm no longer in the cold this winter, I'm kinda seeing things through new glasses so to speak :)   I think this is the first time I've met people who haven't seen snow, WOW, right?!  Also, I guess it's the New Year so I'm feeling a little reflective.

I know how difficult it is to get through those days of winter - whether your wishing for sun or snow; I'm sharing a few of my favorite go to ideas that will make any climate fun.

CRAFTS!!, something about getting creative just makes me happy regardless of the weather!  
Making winter baubles will work regardless of the climate, you can make these in the snow or your freezer :)
balloon crafts for winter time from
bubble wrap crafts stress relief ideas from
This is a little crafty that really needs little explaining.  How can you go wrong regardless of the climate or person, I  mean how can you have stress when bubble wrap is around?!  Go ahead get to popping those seasonal blues!
recycled crafts gratitude gifts from
Giving a fun little surprise gift just makes everyone happy!  Here's how to recycle those soap boxes.
If your on a creative roll try some of these fun ideas, it will be a new season in no time!

Nothing is better than a yummy cup of coco in the winter or a frozen Margarita in the summer, so why not switch it up? Call your friends & family and plan a winter time staycation (vacation at home).  (check out my yummy recipes for some more ideas).

Margarita Popsicles! are fun any time... We made these for Father's Day (& not to brag but these pop's were tweeted by Shutterfly!)

Popsicles party Margarita popsicles fun drinks from                                      I love, love, love

cranking salsa music in the heart of winter & having one of these pops!

frozen grape recipe from
If your throat is a little sore from those winter time sniffles or it's hot & toasty...frozen grapes are a tasty treat!

smores summer or winter at MommysPinkieLipgloss.blogspot.comSMORES! They are sooo yummy anytime, you can have them by campfire or oven & they just are such a fun memory!

SNOW!  If you live where there is snow why don't you keep your snowman till summer? That's what we did last year - it's a fun little surprise in your freezer, that will keep those snowy memories frozen in time :)  Or try to make snow, we did last night, it's as close as you can get to the real thing and will give kids that haven't seen snow before some of the fun!
snowman in my freezer from

do not use without permission from MommysPinkieLIpgloss.blogspot.comFind your inspiration, whether from a friend, store, media or getting out of dodge so to speak.  Season's change & we all get tired of where were at sometimes, the thing is when we stop & really look around, its only temporary so we might as well have some fun right?

I'm sending each and everyone of you snowflake smiles & sunbeams of love, Have a fantastic day!
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  1. Very fun ideas here! I love your stress packets!

  2. Thanks! Yes the stress packets are fun & helpful! :)

  3. Some great fun ideas! I think it time for s'mores


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