Monday, August 5, 2013


Well, I have to tell ya this was going to be a post about
SEAWEED SALAD... I just love love love seaweed salad, I could probably eat it every day. When we go to a Japanese restaurant I order it and the little amount they give me is never enough!

So when my friend, Kym took us to an Asian market I was in search for - seaweed.  I just had to make my own salad; I wasn't sure how to do it but I knew I was going to!  We all giggled looking for the seaweed; thankfully with the help of a couple of strangers I bought fresh as well as dried and gobbs of all kinds of crazy, unusual food treasures. 

Nyla grabbing a snack haha

is about as quick & easy as it can be! 

BUT here's the dealio...this stuff expands like no tomorrow! I thought I would morph into a mermaid by the time I was through!  And I'm not sure if I bought the right seaweed  :( 

I didn't care for the fresh kind that I bought. The noodles were too thick for me and the dry kind wasn't exactly like the salad type that I'm use to it was more the kind in the miso soup. But it tasted yummy, I was just use to the skinny,golden-green crunchy type. 

I'm not sure if I'll be in a rush to make this again since the Japanese restaurant is 5 minutes away and the Asian market is an hour and half but I will be on the lookout and when I find it, I will conquer this salad! I was eating my salad, I looked at my bland chopsticks and thought no way Jose' will these do.  So I grabbed some tape and glammed away and that's how my GLAM CHOPS were born :)  Even though my taste buds weren't completely satisfied, my happiness was because I tried it and my chopsticks make me smile; I hope the make you smile too :)

post signature (if any of you make seaweed salad, I would love to here about it!)

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