Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chocolate Ganache Truffle Cupcakes...BEST EVER!!

Chocolate Ganache Cupcake
When we asked Nyla what type of cupcakes she wanted for her "10" birthday, she said, "Chocolate Ganache, Truffle cupcake" then I found this recipe from Pinterest.  WOW!!  

I have never tackled anything like this so you can only imagine my nervousness & hesitation as well as surprise at Nyla's response.  My girl's got awesome taste!  I'm so glad my husband is a purest when it comes to baking & loves a tasty treat. Basically, my involvement was buy the ingredients and lick the bowl.

These were soo delicious, almost everyone ate 2 of these decadent, chocolate almond, ganache & butter cream truffle cupcakes! 

Go to The Cake Blog for the complete recipe
for our inspiration cupcake, we varied it a little, (store bought chocolate cupcake mix, almonds instead of hazelnuts, plain buttercream instead of chocolate & a variety of truffles).

I often wabble back n forth with all the social media, but today I'm super happy because without it we would never have this tasty inspiration!  Thanks so much The Cake Blog, you ROCK with your super yummy recipes! 

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