Thursday, July 3, 2014


I remember back in the day riding my bike as fast as I could around the neighborhood.  I swooshed & swerved all over the road! Sometimes hands free, sometimes being towed & sometimes legs out & off the peddles as I zoomed down a hill; hair flying & laughing with my friends as we peddled around our 3-4 block radius was how my days usually went.  
Showing off my bike and hearing the tat, tat, tat of the playing cards that decorated my tires was summer time joy. It was pretty much the best of childhood times -  that freedom on the open road! :)  It was special drop in time before a driver's licence.  I think I was probably just a little older than Nyla is now...

Here I am years later, an adult Wow, how did I become such a cautious cat!  These days, there's no swoosh or zoom in my bike riding day But I can't let kids have all the fun!

I just have to take some kind of claim back and so I gave my bike a little makeover and Nyla did too...

Wanna join us? 

Here's what you do:

Grab a bunch of colorful plastic straws (paper will unravel)

Cut them the length you want 
(I cut 3 per straw but it all depends on your design).  I found that the bendy part of the straw didn't work so good so just cut around that part.

Then cut each one lengthwise

I love how Nyla chose to decorate her tires differently.  Just double check to make sure straws stay away from gears.

After we decorated our tires, I couldn't leave our handlebars all plain; its like a purse without matching shoes, so I got some ribbon (actually its from the hardware store, I think its used for surveying) and gave my handlebars some bows.
Bike Fun decorate your bike

I started looking up bicycle tire decorations and found some really fun bicycle decorating ideas from  Bicycle Arts School :)  Now I've really got the fever; who knows what my bike is going to look like next...

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